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Estrovive - Menopause Relief - Normal Body Heat Regulation - Sleeping Pills - Hot Flash Relief - Boost Your Energy

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Product Description

Estrovive is developed by CRI Naturals and backed-up by 18 months of scientific research to support healthy menopause transition and relief. * Each ingredient is hand selected and sourced within the USA from non-GMO local growers. Our formula is developed within a FDA certified lab, in the USA. * Estrovive's natural ingredients and herbs have been used by rural civilizations for thousands of years. * Estrovive will help promote healthy natural weight loss by naturally helping balance your hormonal system. * Some women notice an improvement in their menopause symptoms within seven to ten days, however we recommend daily use for a minimum of 60 days for best results. * Complete formula on * Contains Soy.

Expert Review

Review by: Rebecca K.
I constantly buy things online and always try to be careful when choosing the product. I guess everyone know what it is to get merchandise that turns out to be much worse than you thought. So I decided to make a review here.

No doubt the product was a good bargain. Recently I’ve been on the lookout for an item of this sort but I couldn’t find anything appealing. I was always having doubts about the cost or the eye appeal of the stuff. When I saw this merchandise, I decided to take a chance and I’m happy I bought it.

At first I didn’t doubt that the thing would be of poor quality or would damage during transportation. But it was good to find that it came in one piece and it matches the description at the web shop. Actually at first I didn’t expect anything really but later realized that I was lucky to obtain this item.

For a kickoff, I’d like to note the outstanding quality of the materials. For this sort of things, the quality is one of the most important things. As for this model, I think, it is worth the its money. By contrast to other web stores, web shops, this one offered a favorable price for the quality of the item.

I’ve been using the product for a couple of weeks already and up until now everything’s been Ok. I didn’t think I’d be so lucky to get something that good!
Overall Rating
Review Summary
I totally love the merchandise. It’s not easy to find something that could catch my eye at web stores but this time I was lucky to obtain something worthy and for a nice price.
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Customer Reviews

Fiona Scott
Verified buyer
US, Sacramento

as seen from reviews on , it is a truly great item. can’t wait to get it delivered and see myself 🙂

Daniel Blake
Verified buyer
ES, Madrid

unmatched magic! I acquired it for my best friend’s peers thinking how satisfied they will be, and it truly makes a cute bounty. de facto it is even better than the illustration. It is just pretty and makes a fine obtainment – the quality is first-rate for the price. I will most likely consider ordering a second one, and can decidedly recommend it to anyone.

Thomas Henry
Verified buyer
DE, Berlin

Glad I could buy online in this webstore

Rachel Parker
Verified buyer
US, New York

Discounted is a true bargain. thanks to the seller!

Sara Clark
Verified buyer
GR, Athens

It was awesome to get online on such favorable terms

Olivia Young
Verified buyer
US, San Francisco

loved the quality and packing

Courtney Howard
Verified buyer
US, San Diego

Won’t even compare with what is sold in other stores. This one is the best!

Marie Foster
Verified buyer
UK, London

no doubts, a great one

Jesse Hardy
Verified buyer
AU, Sydney

Matches the description. No drawbacks

Megan Gray
Verified buyer
US, Fresno

With free shipping available, it’s a great deal.

Tyler Garcia
Verified buyer
ES, Madrid

it’s probably the lowest price for out of all the other offers available. my respect to the seller

Amber Cooper
Verified buyer
US, Colorado

modest price, top quality!

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